Monday, August 27, 2012

Western #6 - The Wild Bunch (1969)

I know a lot of this genre has included complaining about 70's film making techniques, but there seems to have been a neo-western movement then, so it is inevitable. If someone tells you that they really like films from the 70's, do not be friends with them, because they are boring. The Wild Bunch is technically from the 60's, but all the hallmarks from the next decade are already showing up. It was long, and quiet, and contained a lot of untranslated Spanish (Surprisingly common in Westerns.)

I don't remember much about The Wild Bunch, and I only watched it a few days ago, so that's not good. I know it was about a gang of outlaws and how inherently corrupt the world is. The ending actually wasn't that bad - The Wild Bunch all got together to fight the evil of the world in one last daring rescue mission. Of course it's futile and they die, but it was sort of rousing.

William Holden was in it, which was funny because I only know him as the other guy from Sabrina. So there's that.

I also have never seen an exciting train robbery. Not once. Not in Firefly, not in Cat Ballou, not in The Wild Bunch. It always goes too smoothly. Very frustrating.

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