Sunday, December 16, 2012

Romantic Comedies - A Debriefing.

The American Film Institutes order: #10 - Sleepless in Seattle, #9 - Harold and Maude, #8 - Moonstruck, #7 - Adam's Rib, #6 - When Harry Met Sally, #5 - The Philadelphia Story, #4 - Roman Holiday, #3 - It Happened One Night, #2 - Annie Hall, #1 - City Lights

My order:

#10 - Adam's Rib - Too misogynist, not funny enough
#9 - Sleepless in Seattle - This is not a romance. They don't know each other.
#8 - Roman Holiday - Oh get over yourself. You only knew her for two days, and she was drugged for one of them. Move on.
#7 - The Philadelphia Story - Great cast, but the plot is odd.
#6 - Harold and Maude - Love the dark, odd Harold scenes, and Bud Cort's weirdly proportioned legs, but Maude is a little too hippie for me.
#5 - Moonstruck - The women in this movie are great and self-assured, and I love the romantic Italian atmosphere of it. Nicholas Cage remains a crazy person.
#4 - It Happened One Night - I love when this movie gets all Seinfeldian about piggyback rides and stuff, and I love the dad, surprisingly, but it's missing something. I don't know. Maybe it just needs better sound editing.
#3 - Annie Hall - Woody Allen's terrific, and I love how abstract this movie can get, but it is, admittedly, something you can only watch every once in a while. Little slow. 
#2 - City Lights - This is everything a romance should be, and Charlie Chaplin I swear is the sweetest man I've ever seen, but some of the comic routines like the boxing scene go on a little long for me.
#1 - When Harry Met Sally - This movie is perfect. Nothing is wrong with it.

Up next: Gangster movies.

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