Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Crisis Averted - An Interlude

The worst thing nearly happened to me my friends - I nearly had to switch to WordPress. WordPress. Blogger was simply not cooperating with me, as Blogger is want to do (...I've been reading a lot of British literature lately), but WordPress is ugly and confusing. Blogger has birds on it - You know, like The Birds, the classic movie - and everything was already here. I was panicked - I didn't want to have to move every single post to a new blog and lose my lovely birds. I didn't know what to do - that's, uh, that's what's been holding up my updates for so long. That's it. Not simple procrastination - that would be silly, especially since I now have little less than a year an more than 70 movies.

Anyway, turns out all I had to do was switch to Firefox.

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