Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fantasy #10 - Big (1988)

In Big, a kid, fed up with his childhood, makes a wish to a carnival fortune-telling machine. He wishes that he was "big." As in, grown up. The next morning, he wakes up as Tom Hanks, gets a job at a toy company, falls in love, and spreads the joy of child-like innocence. And it has that piano scene.

Big is about the contrast between adults and children, creativity, and innocence. Tom Hanks is superb in it, and really bizarrely young, but the rest of the cast didn't stand out to me at all. I like the storyline and I thought the themes were really strong and I really liked the piano scene, that was really fun. I thought that they had the kid acting a little younger than he actually was, but that was the only thing that stood out to me as a significant flaw.

Big is...okay. It was definitely a good movie, and I was entertained, but it didn't really make a big (heh) impression on me or stick with me or anything like that. I wasn't left thinking about Big after the movie was over. It was just sort of two hours later. I don't have that much to say about Big. Nice movie, not a waste of time, well-acted, but it was definitely not a movie that I would call great or innovative or anything special. It's alright.

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