Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fantasy #6 - Field of Dreams (1989)

So, Field of Dreams is...okay. It's about how people connect through baseball, and how baseball represents a simpler time in American history, and there's some stuff about the afterlife and book banning I wasn't really following. Now, I do not like sports. They're not entertaining to me, and I don't connect to them. So I don't really connect with this movie - It was very emotional about a topic that I felt was undeserving of so much emotion. To say that baseball is the only thing that united people and connected us with the past seemed to be a bit of an exaggeration to me.

I do get it a little bit. Out of all the sports, I hate baseball the least - I actually understand the rules, they have the best outfits, and it does fill me with a patriotic fervor. It reminds me of super American things, like Mark Twain and trains and New York and self-made businessmen. But a lot of thing remind me of that time period. Like newspapers. And sweatshops. Baseball is a big part of one of America's many golden ages, but it's just one part.

James Earl Jones is in though, and that was cool. That's not at all how I thought Darth Vader would look - I was picturing someone taller. The whole movie had that weird, 80's/90's thing, where it feels like I just caught it on TV on a Sunday, rather than purposefully watching it. Field of Dreams is a better movie than, say Thief of Bagdad, but that's about it so far.

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